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Jinti wears the Indian Ocean Dress in all images.

1. What are your most effective and joyful rituals for reconnecting to your centre and source? 

Since we are often waking up in different places every few days it’s really nice to keep little routines going to stay grounded (and sane, living in a bus with two kids definitley has its moments). A few things Chris & I do everyday is give each other alone time, somewhere between 20 minutes to and hour to do whatever we wish. It’s blissful! 

2. In your cosy bus home with a family of four; how do you make time for Jinti?

I think that when we began living like this about 3 years ago we quickly began learning about ourselves beyond the busy-ness of life. Everything got stripped away to the basics and I realised that when I had time alone to just be, I could calm my mind, replenish my energy and be a better person. So it’s become a real priority! We Schedule it in, just like you would brushing your teeth or eating food.

3. A lesson which has strongly influenced your life?

Becoming pregnant unexpectedly was so incredibly overwhelming and something I struggled to accept for quite a while. But it really taught me that everything happens in divine timing and the things we are struggling with can actually turn into the biggest blessings. So I really try to accept and see the good in my experiences now!

4. From your personal journey with the law of attraction and practices of daily and moment-to-moment gratitude – what would you suggest to help young women/men tap into their creative power?

Practicing gratitude and the LOA isn’t just about what we say and do - It’s more about how we FEEL. Your point of attraction comes from the feelings you experience in each moment. You have the power to consciously create when you realise you are the only person responsible for how you feel, and that from wherever it is you are, you have the power to guide your thoughts to find relief. And from that place of better feeling, you attract more of what you truly want.

Life can get so busy so I really think we need to consciously carve out time in our days to simply slow down and let things flow through and out of us. I think that’s the space where inspiration and creativity find us.

If LOA seems confusing essentially I find it’s about cultivating appreciation and releasing it into the world, it’s fun and joyous~ we all deserve to feel good and this life really is amazing.


5. What inspires you? Who Inspires you?

100% my children, I know that sounds clichè but yeah it’s true. 

I’m so inspired by watching them wholeheartedly express themselves and find joy.  And since they really are little mirrors It can be quite confronting at times too, and that really inspires me to grow and learn.

Also by my partner, Chris, I have journeyed the past decade by his side and he is one of the most beautiful humans I know and he makes me laugh a lot and we really just love growing together.

Apart from people, I feel most inspired when I allow myself to tune into the beauty all around but particularly when I’m at the ocean or in the mountains. 

And I really love synchronistic conversations and seeing people being themselves!

6. What words of wisdom or advice would you give for new mothers wanting to take a more natural and holistic approach to birth and motherhood in general?

Conception, Pregnancy, and birth are not just physical experiences ~ it’s not happening to us - it’s happening through us, therefore I think there’s nothing more important than trusting woman, listening to them and supporting them.

Connect with other woman who have had experiences you would like it have. Unpack your own fears and Create space for each other’s decisions and differences. 

7. If you could gift your daughter Ayana, one piece of advice for life, what would it be?

I honestly believe there’s nothing truthful she doesn’t already know! With her I have found that words aren’t so effective and rather she watches what I do. So I will try my best to lead by example.

8. Most defining experience in your life so far in creation of the woman you are today?

A few things that really stand out as transformative would be: giving birth, taking psylicibin & solo travel.

9. What do you think we could all do everyday to make the world a better place?

By pointing the finger less and looking inside more. Each of us have many choices to make throughout our days. It’s not about being perfect, but making aware decisions from a place of love, not fear. There is enough for everyone. We are all here together having this experience , in this moment in time.. there is so much room for expansion and it starts with each of us healing, growing and aligning with the truth that we are all connected.

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