• Ellie Rolfe


Updated: Jul 7, 2019




In March, we embarked on a moving journey through the woods of the South West Australian Boranup Forest to capture woman in their wilder essence, in celebration of womankind - for a special day - Mother's Day.


This day was shaped by sisterhood and female connection and remembering in many ways. 


There was dancing, singing, buckets of belly laughter, goofing around, hugs, admiration of one another, the forest and the moment that was. 


It was a truly raw, real and authentic-as-it-comes experience - something that we woman, would benefit from experiencing on a regular basis.


In honour of the feminine in all of us and in honour of the phenomena of Mother hood and woman kind.

Rise of Woman


The silent roar and brewing rumble of the feminine has been rising for decades, centuries... eternity.

It has come to readjust the rigid and stale mind of patriarchy which bought us to a dead-end, and guide us into a mind of oneness.

Divine feminine and masculine energies have been hacked and conceptualised by man mind into gender roles... and after more than 2000 years of the patient dripping water of the feminine on the stone of masculine dominance, it has finally cracked and the femme is flooding through in full conviction, not only to soften and cleanse the collective state of consciousness but reawaken men in the remembering that femininity is an equal part alive in us all and a necessary ingredient in the recipe for inner and outer harmony.

The illusion of this concept has trapped, oppressed and stolen the freedom of the female species for millennia.

Women from all corners of earth, all walks of life, of all colours, hearts and minds, are raising their voice, letting their souls speak; for the end of sexual exploitation, for justice, for liberation, for freedom to choose, for education and for gender equality. For the power of love.

The woman kind, is an ocean of healing forces.

That slowly we are less afraid to swim in. As we see how it is transforming an age of despair into one of hope, creativity, love and truth.

Woman holds within her a sacred drop of nectar coded with intelligence and innate knowing of divine universal wisdom; a chalice of creative power.

A portal for spirit to manifest into form.

A vessel so profoundly powerful that it creates life.

This life we create is the voice deep within us speaking from an incredible faith that a better world can exist therefore we bring through the new life to carry out the wisdom, so we can continue the evolution/return to oneness.

Now that, is something to celebrate.


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