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Updated: Jul 7, 2019

Talking Sustainability 𖥵 Consciousness 𖥵 Art 𖥵 Ritual

What are some simple ways to permanently switch to a more sustainable lifestyle?

Surround yourself with conscious and mindful people. Share your knowledge on sustainability. Inspire people and you will feel more inspired to stay on the right track. When you start researching about the topic, you won't want to look back.

What are your personal rituals to re-connect or reharmonise your mind, body and soul?

I love to be in nature. For many years, it's been one of the best ways for me to reconnect with my inner powerful self.. Also, painting has always been so good for me too! 

What is your deepest inspiration when creating? 

Nature - Movement - Music.. I feel like all of these are interconnected and I cannot create without all of them. 

What does art mean to you?

Art for me is the ultimate source of expression. Art doesn't have to be "pretty". Art is to me, something that brings an emotion, something that moves you, something that shocks you, something that makes you happy. 

From your eyes, in what ways does supporting local and ethical brands positively impact humanity and Planet Earth?

The fashion industry being the 2nd largest source of pollution in the world, I think, we, as consumers, have to act. Without us consuming, there wouldn't be such an industry. We have the power to change the world's biggest issues. We can have such a powerful impact when we share about subjects like this one! 

What are some words from your heart which you feel would encourage and empower women to express their authentic selves, and live independent of the societal-constructs that are perpetually filtered into our subconscious, from social-media and this culture of extreme ‘life-comparison’ and photographic perfection?

Disconnect from what you see in the social media. There is A LOT of fake stuff.. but there is also some great things that we can learn on internet and via social medias. Be strong, love yourself.. and don't be scared to be different and show all your colours. 

Your intuitive feelings on the shift in collective consciousness and the planetary evolution at this time?

I can definitely see and feel the shift in consciousness. I think it can be a slow process, but more and more people are starting to be aware that ONLY US can make a change, and if we don't act (fast), there will be no future for the next generations. It is amazing to see that more and more people are sharing their journeys about consciousness. 

Marianne's art is available for purchase via instagram.

You can view her pieces 

at @fromourearthart

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