This collection is inspired by the seemingly-infinite landscapes of raw desert which meet to line wild oceans. The most indigenous, untamed, native and rugged scapes on Earth. Particularly inspired by a love and fascination of the Egyptian Red Sea, Sahara and Sonoran deserts and the expansive stretches of red dirt and wild blue waters which line the West Australian Coastline. 


The mystery of all unencumbered corners of the planet where lay pure soils, tall cacti, wildflowers, winds carrying secrets, blue waters, lagoons, springs and red desert rock.

No people. No technology.

In this silence, you will hear - the song of the Earth.

The burnt orange and crisp white fabric colours embody the bold duality of colour in these natural settings, reflective of the duality and wild beauty in each of us. Essence of Earth is weaved into every process and thread. Made from the Earth for the Earth.

This collection is made for chic minimalism and freedom, mirrored by raw Earth. Made so you can dress divinely without leaving a footprint, but instead, leave a positive impact...

Read our mission statement to learn about how your purchase is helping to protect these places we are so enchanted by and blessed with. 

Enjoy, wild beauty. x.