'Natura' comes from Naturalist.

A naturalist is someone who cares for and admires nature, who cherishes all forms of wild Earth, particularly in its original, un-interfered form. A naturalists life is lived in symphony with Earths’ seasons, rhythms and cycles, moving in synchronicity and symmetry with the movement of the planetary incantations.

It is a very simple parable....

Living in awe of this big blue planet we play upon, Australian creative, Earth lover and ocean-enthusiast, Ellie Rolfe, has an undeniable and growing urge to promote more sustainable approaches to everyday life, to preserve and protect our home - Earth.

Ellie was raised on the wild West Coast of Australia, she lived an upbringing of outdoor-play including scuba-diving, surfing, river-kayaking and sea-side sport, simultaneously her heart dwelled in beauty, fashion, creating art and admiring earthly aesthetics. As she grew and explored the world, it was a bitter-sweet eye-opener, and her deeply rooted connection to the Earth, sea and creating, grew into a purpose. A purpose to use the inspiration she perceived in natural environments to create something in honour, that would serve and protect its treasures...

That is how Natura The Label was born - An ethically sourced and sustainable clothing label weaved with the intention to bring more environmental awareness to the fashion industry while embodying the beauty of earth, offering you the option to dress for the Earth! Empowering YOU to change what sort of impact you're having on our planet, simply by changing where and how you source your clothing. Dress divinely, while making a difference, is what we're about.


This label is designed for the lover of ocean-play, mountain sauntering, road-trips exploring coastlines, forests and foreign lands, sun-gazing, running down to the water at sunrise for a surf-check and stretching out on the sand at sunset with friends. Created for the ones with a passion to protect all these treasures we have here - designed to make every shaped woman look AND feel like an earth-dwelling goddess while floating through her days, 

With the knowing she is not harming Mama Earth while immersing in her elements. 

These designs are intentionally crafted to be timeless, trans-seasonal pieces which you will receive years of wear and quality in, keeping their classic style through the changing seasons of fashion and life. Natura The Label is conscious about over-consuming, mass-production, buying more than we need, and taking from Earth unnecessarily for temporary pleasures.

Each collection is made in small quantities and most designs are one size, for this reason (see sizing page for more info on this). We encourage you to choose your special pieces with intent and mindfulness, not just with us, but with everything you buy.