⤟ Washing and handling

 Your delicate pieces are 100% wild organic cotton. Like anything pure, they are quite sensitive and receptive.

We have explored the most effective natural (chemical-free) method of washing these particular fibres. We can assure you that gentle handling and that less is more, is best, when caring for your wild cotton delights.



 Some tips for washing your cotton 

⤠ Cold water wash only. Hand wash recommended. If you must use a machine, use gentle setting with cold water.

⤠ It is recommended that you wash your cottons seperately from other (non-organic) clothing, OR all cottons together, so that the chemicals of other clothing items do not leak into the fibres of your organic items.

⤠ We recommend that you wash your coloured pieces separately to your whites. No harsh chemicals are used to secure the depth of the colour - there will not be much colour leakage, BUT you want to avoid washing any coloured items with whites to keep your whites crisp and pure.

⤠ Dry in sun, naturally. Do not dry in machine-dryer. Fibre damage, shrinking or shape-change may occur.

⤠ Use natural cleaning products to care for the organic nature of the clothing. OR home-made natural laundry powder (not liquid). 

⤠ To remove stains, add some organic white vinegar to some cold water and soak stained area for a couple of hours. Rinse vinegar out in pure cold water - air dry.

If you have any other queries about your organic cotton, please feel free to contact us, via the 'contact' portal below.