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She who wears this organic cloth, is a woman who dances to the Song of the Earth.

She converses with our Mother in tongue of deep intuition and silent knowing.

She listens, hears her message for us and chooses for the future of all.

She is grace, breathing.

She runs her life, names her own Gods.

She wanders barefoot, leaving nothing but a trail of golden light behind her, bringing new life, new wisdom to everything she touches.

She infuses the world with her zest of hope, tenderness, softness - Paradoxically; fire, fierceness, strength.

She is a symphony of ethereal sound, unnamable colours, dressed in the trees, rivers, suns and oceans.

She embodies the breathe of the Earth, all her seasons and energies.

She gazes at the stars, at her sisters in other places, and speaks to them of her mission here; to protect Earth for their reincarnation and granddaughters.

She dances draped in wild cotton, to the rhythms pulsing from the centre of the Earth, merging them with her own spirit, pulsing with passion and purpose.

She is you. She is me.


 Natura Woman - Song of the Earth.

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